There are few cities that can match what Denver has to offer, as this city is an amazing place to live or visit and often offers experiences that cities many times its size have a difficult time competing with. Nicknamed “The Mile High City” because of the altitude of where it sits in the Rocky Mountains, there are many great reasons you may want to visit Denver on your next vacation.

Stunning Parks
Few cities embrace natural beauty the way that Denver does, but this makes sense when you’re nestled up in the Rockies. Throughout the city and suburbs there are several beautiful and outstanding parks worth checking out, in addition to a wide array of stunning hiking trails, parks, and hiking trails within an easy drive of the main city. If you want the beauty of nature, this is a great place to check it out.

Nationally Recognized Craft Brewery Scene
There are plenty of cities that brag about having local breweries and impressive craft beers, but very few cities have the craft brewery scene that Denver boasts. There are over 50 different breweries and well over 200 nationally recognized craft beers being made at any given time throughout the city. There are some famous beer tours that aren’t just for tourists: they’re favorites of many locals looking to enjoy their evening or weekend as well!

Active Music Scene
There are plenty of bars, plenty of clubs, and shows of every kind imaginable throughout the city. This is an active music scene that brings in outstanding acts from every genre of music, old and new, alternative and mainstream. If you want to find a great show, you will have no problem pulling that off in the city of Denver.

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater
This is a stop everyone should make. Not only is the park absolutely stunning, but a show in the outdoor natural amphitheater is a once in a lifetime type of experience – that you can actually repeat. This is a stunning cultural site but you’ll have to reserve spots early to actually see the show as these are incredibly popular and will sell out fast.

Union Station
One of the finest Union Stations in the country, this historic building is stunning beautiful, features some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, connects you to the metro, and even has luxury hotels built right in. This is a spot you will not want to miss.